Monday, July 20, 2009

Science and The Catholic Church

The Catholic church is not at odds with science in regard to creation.

The Church doesn't have an official position on exactly how God made the universe with its stars, planets, and all that celestial stuff. It has no official position on animal and human evolution. Pope Pius XII said that the teaching of the Church doesn't dismiss the theory that the human body may have come about from pre-existent and living matter. However, God created our souls as they are. They did not evolve and they are not inherited from our parents as our bodies are.

The processes of creation, whatever they may be, are under the guidance of God and all creation must be ascribed to God.

For more on this subject, you may like to read this piece on Adam and Eve and Evolution.

**Added on 10-23-10**
You may be interested in a book by Doctor Christopher Baglow called Faith, Science, Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge. Dr. Baglow is interviewd on "Catholic Answers Live" on Oct. 8, 2010. You can search the podcasted archives at to hear that. Or check out this handy link.

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