Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All Souls Day, Sugar Skulls, and Altar Girls

All Souls Day is the day after All Saints Day which is the day after Halloween. Halloween being "All Hallows Eve"- the eve of the feast of the holy ones. People forget that sometimes.

Anyway, this year some of the young'uns in my life and I made sugar skulls. Here's a picture of some of them on our family altar. They remind us of our dead loved ones. We also made butterflies with the names of dead loved ones. One of the beautiful things about the Catholic faith is that we pray for out dead and our dead pray for us! :)

We are all still of one family- one Church Universal comprised of:
Church Militant- we on Earth
Church Triumphant- those in Heaven
Church Suffering- those in Purgatory

Also on All Souls Day my eight year old twin girls served for the first time as altar servers, or "acolytes." My sister asked, "Girls can be altar boys now?" The short answer is "Yes." For the long answer, you may follow this link. Vatican Communication on Female Altar Servers Not only is it an informative article, but I take it as a huge compliment, as it assumes I'm much more learned that I actually am. It says:


As you know, Canon 230 #2 lays down that:

"Laici ex temporanea deputatione in actionibus liturgicis munus lectoris implere possunt; item omnes laici muneribus commentatoris, cantoris aliisve ad normam iuris fungi possunt. "


I'm like "Um... yeah...?"
Seriously, though. It's comprehensible enough.

While watching my girls up there, I had trouble keeping my mind on mass. I had a mixture of emotion- from elated joy that brought tears to my eyes to amusement when one of them became too exuberant with the bell which caused me an slightly-embarrassed-mom cringe. You parents know the one. ;)