Friday, February 12, 2010

A Word About Dogma

Dogma. Why do so many think it's a dirty word? I've heard people say, "I wouldn't mind the Catholic church except for all of the dogma." They pronounce dogma in a choked whisper like saying it out loud will cause their tongues to fall out.

Dogma is the truth we know about God. Who is against truth? Well, I know who is against truth; we won't speak of him here.

For a fab article on dogma go to: "Dogma Is Not a Dirty Word". It speaks with much more wisdom and gives more facts than I even pretend to. Me, I'm just blathering.

Nobody ever complains about the dogma of other religions. I've never heard anybody say, "I just can't get around the dogma of Buddhism," or Shinto, or Eskimo Shamanism. In fact these days, at least where I live, varied religions are celebrated and embraced. People study them and try them on like new shoes. But not Catholicism. It's popular to bash our dogma. But I've never been one to go with what's popular.

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