Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Haters in The World of Blogging

I must be coming up in the world of blogging. I've been visited by my first "hater." See the comment section under my post "More About Your Friends..." You'll also see that my good friend Randy came to my defense. :)

My teenage daughter once said something regarding YouTube video bloggers (aka vloggers) about how they know they are becoming truly popular when they begin receiving comments from haters- those folks who troll the web looking for things they love to hate and then proceed to explain to anyone who'll listen how much they hate it.

I imagine it's the same emotional bursting thing my twins go through when they're tired and hungry and start calling each other "poopy butts." Except these are much older people so it's sort of pitiful. I feel badly for them.

However, I've been steeped in writing workshop thingies in the virtual Catholic Writers Conference, so I'm in a giddy mood. Instead of lamenting, I'll share one of my favorite videos that came to mind when my hater posted.


  1. I love your thoughts on this! I'd never considered that haters could actually show a blog or other media was becoming popular. Just love that take on it :-) Great tongue-in-cheek video.

    I'm also really enjoying the Catholic Writers Online Conference! Excellent stuff.

    Angie Breidenbach

  2. I get a fair number of haters on my blog, so I LOVED this video. Thanks for having a sense of humor about what can sometimes be a painful topic! Keep up the great work! You know you're hitting close to the truth when it stirs up the demons.