Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Natural Living

Katie, over at Kitchen Stewardship, is hosting a blog carnival. The theme is "Spring Cleaning: Get the Junk Out." She and her blogger friends are going to have some super tips for us about dejunking our lives and bodies.

This is great for me because when I came back to the Catholic Church I sure didn't give up being "crunchy" - using natural products, organic foods, cloth diapers... In fact, I found that the Catholic faith is pretty darn crunchy.

If you want to read something both mooshy gooshy and bold and motivational on that, just take a gander at JPII's message on World Peace Day 1-1-90. Just to give you a little taste- "Christians, in particular, realize that their responsibility within creation and their duty towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of their faith."

Lately I've found both my prayer life and my crunchy life have gotten a bit dry. Lent and Springtime are a PERFECT time for this carnival. I hope you'll join them. I know I will. :)

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