Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Blessed Trinity

Today, being the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, our priest spoke about that mystery during the homily. He compared the trinity to a candle flame. The fire is God the Father, the light is God the Son, and the heat is God the Holy Spirit. All are one.

I love similes that help me wrap my wee little mind around such unfathomable concepts. It makes them more concrete for me. We can never fully understand God, but we can get a glimpse of what he's like.

Book recommendation: Saint Patrick's Summer by Marigold Hunt. It's a novel written for kids, but when I read it to my kids, I learned a lot about the Catholic faith. Ms. Hunt explains some pretty complex concepts in a way that's comprehensible. I thought of it because she goes into what Saint Patrick really meant when he used the shamrock to illustrate the Trinity.


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