Monday, August 16, 2010

New Born Baby: Mogli and New Novel: Syzygy

Mark, over at Smashwords, (who must be working toward sainthood), fixed my format problems. My niece's baby was born. (Both processes took nearly 42 hours) Now all is right with the world. :)
Come by, come try, come buy.

Quick synopsis:

When the leader of Finn's clan orders him to kidnap Bea, Finn falls crazy in love. He risks his life by betraying his clan to protect her.

Bea is a plucky twenty-year-old Catholic with a passion for posting vlogs (video logs) on herYouTube channel and doting on her best friend, Sam. Sam's naive and good natured, but there's more to him than his bright blue eyes and blond hair would suggest. His cool-headedness and devotion to those he cares for will prove a godsend when danger is upon them. Over the course of their adventures, he comes to suspect he has a calling to the priesthood.

Finn's a computer-nerd trapped in a broad-shouldered and super strong body. "Super" is not an exaggeration. Finn is one of the Fir (pronounced feer) which means his strength and speed surpass those of ordinary men. But Finn would give up those traits to be rid of the other aspect that makes him a Fir, the bloodthirsty madness that possesses him each month.

Aaaaand here are some cute pics of my girls hold my new grand-nephew.