Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saint Relics and My New Novel, Syzygy


The heart of Saint John Vianney recently came to a parish near my home. Yes, his actually heart.

Soon, Saint John Bosco's right hand will come to a nearby church. That's encased in a wax replica of his body. (More on St. Bosco in a moment.)

There are three relic types:

First class relic: A body or body part of a saint.
Second class relic: Something used by a saint.
Third class relic: An item that has been touched to a first class relic.

Catholics throughout the ages would get flak for their "obsession with death." Naw, it's an obsession with life. Because we believe that our bodies will one day be raised from the dead, we treat the bodies of our dead as special. And the body parts of a dead saint are very special. They are to be venerated, or honored. (They are not worshipped. We only worship God.)

More at the Catholic Encyclopedia on relics.

It's a long article, but you get to read a story from 156 about Saint Polycarp illustrating early evidence of relic veneration.

The Bible Christian Society links are worth posting again.
Free audio cds and tapes. See the one called, "Communion of Saints."
Or as a free download:

Oh, I nearly forgot; I was going to tell you more about Saint John Bosco. He lived in the eighteen-hundreds. He worked with homeless and at-risk boys. They say he had a dog named Grigio who may have been an angel in disguise. And you know what else? He knew how to juggle. Way cool! I love this saint so much that his name appears in my novel, Syzygy. One of the characters names himself after this awesome saint.

I don't typically use this blog to shill my stories, but in this case it's appropriate. Syzygy is my urban fantasy/paranormal romance (depending on how you want to look at it). Three of the main characters are Catholic. Before the end, one even contemplates the priesthood.

Here's the official blurb:

When the leader of Finn's clan orders him to kidnap Bea Jones, Finn falls crazy in love. He risks his life by betraying his clan to protect her.

Finn Wilde is a computer-nerd trapped in a broad-shouldered, super strong body. He's one of the Fir Na GealaĆ­, whose strength and speed surpass those of ordinary men.

He'd give up those traits to be rid of the other aspect that makes him a Fir, the bloodthirsty madness that possesses him each month.

The story is told by an alternately pensive then manic patient in a mental hospital. His identity and the truth of his tale won't be revealed until the end.

Syzygy is ready and waiting for you at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. See sidebar for links. It's only $1.99 and you can read a sample at the sidebar or at any of the vender sites.
My target audience is upper young adults (because of heavy swearing and some tough emotional issues with the young mental patient) but it upholds values and I think it will appeal to adult fantasy readers. The religion is not in-your-face at all. It's full of humor (albeit, a little dark at times), excitement, romance, friendship, and mystery.

It's an ebook- It will work on your computer as well as an iPhone, iPad, Nook, Kindle, Magic Shamrock, etc.

My niece Jasmine did the fine artwork. :)
Can you see the details in the top picture? Bea is holding a Rosary. :-D


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