Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi-ho Hi-ho It's Off to New Blog I Go

Welcome to my refurbished Catholic blog. For reasons I won't go into, I had to delete the old one and begin a fresh one. But I brought over some of the old posts.

A hearty welcome to you whether you are an old friend or a new reader. I hope we shall have enjoyable times sharing information.

Allow me to show you around. On the sidebar you'll find some links to helpful sites, as well as to my other blog, A Fortnight of Mustard, which is my author blog. On the sidebar, under "Pages" you will see a link to which allows you to read the first two chapters of my fantasy novel, Syzygy, as well as links where you can purchase it as an enovel. More will eventually be added to the sidebar.

A little about myself- I'm a cradle Catholic who strayed from the church as a teen, had my first child outside of marriage at twenty-one, got married seven years later to a divorced man with two kids, had twin daughters with him. That's five daughters in all. :) Then I felt a calling to return home to the church.

My dear husband went through the annulment process so we could have our marriage convalidated. Yippee!

Many other events occurred in there, but you get the gist. ;)

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