Monday, November 15, 2010

Catholic Radio

Howdy there.

Just a quick post because I'm super busy with NaNoWriMo and other things. But I wanted to share a quick tip in case you're not already doing this. Listen to Catholic Radio!

If you don't have a station that comes in on your radio, you can listen on the computer. Catholic Answers Live even podcasts so you can listen to episodes from the past. You can search for a particular topic you're interested in. Just go to the link there and hit the tab for "radio" and you can pick the "calendar of shows" and pick a date, or go to "search archives" under "radio."

I listen while cooking, folding laundry, cleaning, etc. You can put them into your ipod and take them on the go too. So, though I'm busy and not getting all the reading done I'd like, I'm still soaking up the Catholic knowledge. :)

Though I'm doing the whole Write a Novel In a Month thing, I'm taking time for a morning Rosary most mornings. You know what? I'm happily finding it enhances my day rather than cuts into it.


  1. I listen here in Dallas every day and love it!! Love the show "the Dr. is in" among others and my daughter sings the 3pm rosary.


  2. I, too, am a huge fan of Catholic radio, Amanda. It gets me through my day! I also get to host for our local Catholic station a couple times a month. Love that as well -- God is really using the radio to help us spread His light!

  3. Oh, yes, Roxane. Yay! That's awesome.:)

    Gee, why didn't I see your comment before? Hmm, must have been deep in writing for NaNoWriMo.

    Sometimes I casually put on the podcasted radio shows that might be useful for my non-practicing husband when he's home. You never know what might sink in.