Monday, March 28, 2011

Christian Rock, Catholic Punk, and other Awesomeness

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I like music with a bite. I also enjoy fun toe-tapping tunes. And bluegrass rocks my socks. I need intense blood rushing music too. Variety! It's the spice of music.

I went on a scavenger hunt for Catholic punk and rock. I found some. I also found general Christian alternative and Christian metal, and well... you'll see what I got for you.

(These are in sheer random order as you shall see.)

The Thirsting
This is a Catholic band and I mean VERY Catholic. Their rendition of Hail Holy Queen which I saw/heard on YouTube sold me right off. But listen to all of their songs on their site... no, better yet, just buy their album. You will be very satisfied.

Critical Mass
On Facebook, they bill themselves as Catholic rock, but I think they are not ordinary Catholic rock. Oh, I mean, they are Catholic for sure, but pretty funky cool rock. Give them a listen on Amazon. At first I was like, "What?" Then I was so hooked! Neat sound!
And their Facebook-

Love them. Have their album and play it over and over. No idea why they put the little bracket around their name. These guys are Christian Punk. My favorite song is "Do You Believe? (In God? In Love?)" It's one of my all time top five favorite songs, not kidding.

These guys are a popular Christian heavy metal band and one of the more prolific ones. They have a good strong sound. Check them out.

Relient K
Another popular one. They're a Christian punk band. You've probably heard of these guys. They often play alongside secular bands.
Be sure to watch their video of when they went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Cute! :)

Demon Hunter
Awesome Christian hardcore heavy metal band.
Their artwork, featuring a demon skull, can be a little scary looking. But if you'll notice, the skull has a bullet through its head, symbolizing their desire to hunt down demons.

Clap for Poland
Now we take it down a notch or two or two thousand and present you a Christian band that takes its sound from the 70's, 80's, and today's pop music. They named themselves because of Pope John Paul II and Saint Faustina. They are also inspired by Saint Maximillian Kolbe. They call themselves Christian rock, but personally, I like to think of them a New Wave Catholic band. And they are super!

Outer Fringe
They are Catholic and they are punk and if you don't believe it, well, they've done "Blitzkrieg Bop" as well as some cool Christian songs with a punk beat. Anywhoo, I just discovered these, guys. I don't have their CD yet, but what I've heard so far, I like!

Father Richard
There's no shortage of Christian Bluegrass and I do drink it in like a tick on a hound dog. But this CD is something extra special because it's not only Christian but Catholic Bluegrass.

Cross on Anna Jagiellonka's Chain
Do tell if you know of a band (such as your band!) that would be cool for my next Christian music blog post.

*Links for sources of images imbedded in their captions


  1. Thanks for posting on all these Catholic and Christian bands. I haven't heard of most of them but I will be checking them out.

  2. Super! I hope you find something you enjoy. :)

  3. so cool!!! and how in the world did you get 17 followers!?

  4. Thanks! :)
    LOL I don't know. The real mystery is how I got 95 followers on my other blog. I suspect it's because I visit a lot of blogs.

  5. Hi,
    You need to check out Catholic rock/metal bands such as Katholicus (who has appeared on two of the Rocking Romans Best of... series), Theandric, Seven Sorrows, Divine Blood, Cradle Catholic, all whom appear on They are about to release a unique compilation CD on the 14 Stations of the Cross. Check 'em out.

  6. Oh very cool! Thanks. I'll check them out. :)

  7. Okay, so The Middle East aren't a Christian Band but their song "Jesus Came to my Birthday Party"is a truly beautiful indie song. Check them out.

    P.s. Loving all these Catholic bands! ={]

  8. Hi Frankie. I just listened. Wow, pretty cool! Thanks for mentioning them because I'd never heard of them. :)

  9. I never listened the songs of christian bands but I checked the collection of those songs that you have told. And truly I really enjoyed. Please suggest me some CD’s of these kinds of songs.

  10. These are some great christian bands you have mentioned in your post. I don’t know a few of them so thanks for pointing them out, I’m going to check them out straight away.

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