Friday, July 1, 2011

John Martignoni's Forty-Two Questions

Being a fan of the late author, Douglas Adams, I smile when the number 42 comes up in unexpected places. In case you haven't read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Unfortunately, the actual question itself is... well, a little unclear. :P

So, when I opened today's newsletter from  John Martignoni (of the Bible Christian Society), I was pleased as an intersteller hitchhiker with a pan galactic gargle blaster that he listed 42 questions useful for a Catholic apologist to have on the tip of his or her tongue. If another Christian is questioning your faith, you can use these to get them thinking.

The Eucharist
One of the questions is: "Where in the Bible does it list the books which should be part of the Bible? Scripture verse?" Another is: "Can God appear to you under any form He chooses? Yes or no?"

Anyway, you might want to go see the newsletter for youself because reading them all in order is important, as some of the questions build on eachother. While you're there, you can subscribe to the newsletter, check out his free MP3 downloads, booklets, and other things. Oh, gosh, I sound like an advertisement. LOL  No, he's not paying me. I never even met the man. The closest I've gotten to him is trying to imitate his super neato Alabama accent after listening to him on the radio.

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you. Zip over to YouTube if you want to check out John Martignoni's channel, Crimson Catholic.

And for those of you in the United States, have a happy 4th of July! :)

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