Friday, August 26, 2011

How I Attended to My Mind & Soul as I Redecorated My Kitchen

Jimmy Akin books in my newly beautified drawers

Repainting my kitchen cabinets for the last two weeks (did a sort of faux antique wood look) left no time for reading or writing, but I listened to a lot of podcasts. One of my favorites is Jimmy Akin's podcast, where one can learn about all sorts of topics from the Catholic perspective such as Confession, Hell, Transfiguration, and Aliens. I hope you'll give him a listen.

You'll know Jimmy Akin from Catholic Answers (another podcasted thingie I listen to) and such massively useful books as The Fathers Know Best and Mass Revision: How theLiturgy is Changing and What it Means for You.

Speaking of the changes in the Liturgy, I recently went to a series of presentation at my parish that focused on the changes we'll experience at Mass when Advent 2011 rolls around. I hope to put together a little blog post about that. Until then, check out Jimmy Akin's vast collection of reading and listening materials and have a blessed weekend. :)


  1. I like what C. S. Lewis said about Liturgy--- something along the line of: Jesus said 'feed my sheep' not 'try experiments on my lab rats.'