Thursday, October 6, 2011

October is Respect Life Month

10 week gestation

People (well, some people), say you can do whatever you want with your body. A Christian knows that's not true. God has set down guidelines for our own good, just as any loving parent does. We are not to give in to certain temptations of the flesh such as gluttony, fornication, etc.

And we are certainly not supposed to murder. A Christian (or Jewish- because that's where we originally got the Commandments) person should know this. Whether that other human is currently housed in your womb or outside of your womb makes no difference. Murder is murder. "Ratsakh" in Hebrew. (That would make a great name for a villain, wouldn't it?)

Since the first century, the Church has been stating that abortion is wrong, so this isn't something newly filed under the heading of "murder."

October is Respect Life Month, so "Happy Respect Life Month!"
Umbert the Unborn (click here to check out his site for super pro-life cartoons)

Read about Respect Life Month at the EWTN website.

Learn about Cupcakes for Life, on Oct. 9th.

Watch this awesome video by a pro-life teen. She'll get you fired up to take some action. :)

I like this site to learn about and see pictures of the stages of an unborn baby's gestation. You can see she or he has a little brain and eyelids at only 8 weeks! :)

At sites such as Priests for Life you can buy pro-life books, shirts, and posters (such as the one below that shows the names of women who were killed in LEGAL abortions.)

Or where I got my bumper sticker. It looks like this one.

*links to image sources are in the image captions unless I otherwise noted the sources- like- it was a product you could buy. :)


  1. the picture of the baby at 10 weeks gestation is misrepresentation and as not from an abortion. It is from a mother in India who had cancer and had to have her uterus removed.

  2. Silly Anonymous, it's not a misrepresentation.:) It is, as my caption states, a baby at 10 weeks gestation. I never said it was an aborted baby. I used it to show what a baby looks like at 10 weeks. I could have shown a living baby in in an ultrasound pic or a drawing,but this is a good quality, easy to see picture.