Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Saints Day Nov. 1

A Blessed All Saints Day to You

So, you heard there was some special day after Halloween. You were right. But what was it?

It's All Saints Day! You see, Halloween is sort of slang for All Hallows Eve. Hallows are "Holy Ones." The following day, November 2nd is All Souls day, or The Day of the Dead.
Sugar Skull

But back to All Saints Day, Nov. 1st. In the fourth century it was established by the Church as the Feast of the Martyrs but extended to celebrate all the saints in the eighth century. In the ninth century it became a holy day of obligation, so if you're Catholic, get your tail to church. :)
St. Augustine and St. Monica

Another little tidbit, to cut through that sugar high, you can munch on pretzels. According to The Catholic Home, by Meredith Gould, they're a traditional food of All Saints Day.

You can read more details about All Saints day, All Souls Day, and Halloween on my previous post on the topic.

*Link to the Saint pic embedded in the caption. The sugar skull pic is my own. Feel free to use it.

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