Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Roman Missal Translation- In a Nutshell

Blessed Advent to You.

Now that you've experienced the changed in the Mass, what do you think? 
I like the new translation of the Roman Missal. The meaning behind the words is deeper. It's truer to the Latin. Plus, we who are experiencing the transition are nudged to pay attention. At this time we can't simply say our responses robotically. We're forced to be mindful and hopefully we'll contemplate the meaning of words such as "consubstantial."

When I've mentioned the new translation, I've been asked, "What IS a Roman Missal?" No, it's not a rocket launched from Vatican City. It's the ritual text containing the prayers and instructions for saying Mass. We used to call it a Sacramentary, at least in English we did. You can read more about the Roman Missal at the USCCB web site.

The gist of this whole thing is, they did a hasty translation of the Roman Missal into English when they decided to begin saying Mass in people's colloquial languages. This new translation is supposed to remedy that. It's more true to the actual Roman Missal and it matches the updated version of the Roman Missal (because it has been updated since then to include such things as prayers for newly canonized saints.) There you have it- the Mass change in a nutshell. Nice and simply put.

But you can read more in Jimmy Akin's book Mass Revision: How the Liturgy is Changing and What it Means for You. It's available as an ebook and in paperback.

I hear and read people's complaints about the changes. Maybe they're uncomfortable having to learn new responses. It was a little clumsy the first Sunday, but we'll get used to it. If you're just entering the Catholic Church, you're lucky. You get to start fresh with the new responses and don't have to unlearn anything.

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  1. I'm actually excited! My husband not so. I have been reciting everything in Spanish because it made more sense to me and now with the new translation, it has been translated exactly what we say in Spanish! yippee!

  2. I've heard that the Spanish Mass is much closer to the Latin, so that makes perfect sense. :)

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