Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Catholic Music, Radio, Birds, and More!

7 Quick Takes Friday

Is it Friday already?


I'm finally finished painting my walls. I quit just before Christmas and didn't finish the hall. Recently I had a block of time, so I cranked up the computer to Catholic Answers and listen to Open Line while I worked. I'm just floored at how they don't get stumped, no matter the question. Yay for Catholic radio!


I'm salivating over The Thirsting's new album, Universal Youth. I adore Companions of the Lamb, their first one, and I totally need the next one! Yay for Catholic rock!


One of my kids went to the pinball museum. Yeah, there is one. It's in Alameda California- right in my own back yard. Not literally, because then I'd be sure to notice it beside the overturned wading pool and the dead tomato plants. :p Yay Doctor Who pinball machines!


I got a copy of Sex Au Naturel: What is it and Why it's Goodfor Your Marriage, by Patrick Coffin. It talks about Humanae Vitae (an encyclical by Pope Paul VI), about the early Church's teaching on birth control, where the Bible teaches against birth control. I'm finding it a fascinating read.

Another title that sounds interesting and is in a similar vein is Jason Evert's DVD, Green Sex:Good for the Body, Good for the Soul. I mean, people are so into health and ecology, yet they use the pill, polluting their bodies (not to mention the water supply- it's true. Look it up on the web).

Yay for Catholic teachings!


Saturday (tomorrow) is the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco. It's raining to day, but I think it's supposed to clear up by tomorrow.
Here's a link for more info.

Yay for Life!
3D Ultrasound


This is what my daughter Daphne looks like covered with birds. Two are our cockatiels and two we were babysitting. Yay for birds!


Catholic apologist, Jimmy Akin, had a super interesting podcast recently where he talks about, among other things, Dungeons & Dragons and other roll playing games and answers the question, Did the Virgin Mary receive Communion. Pretty cool. Check it out.

Now, if you haven't already, check out Conversion Diary- the host of 7 Quick Takes Friday.


  1. I totally agree with you on the Catholic Answers show, Patrick Madrid is one of my favorite hosts, he rocks! and I also totally agree with you on the going green label everyone puts themselves in but who also take birth control pills, I don't get it! I'm not a very "green person" myself but I will not pollute my body.

  2. I also love "The Doctor is in" show!

  3. Yay Catholic radio! :)

    Oh yeah, there are people who wouldn't think of eating non-organic produce, but they take the pill. Crazy.

  4. I enjoy listening to Jimmy Akin on Catholic Answers. Those two books on natural sex look like very interesting reads. I actually had to deal with a dilemma during my late teens or early twenties where my endometriosis got so bad ended up talking with a priest at FUS about whether it was okay for me to take birth control pills for medical reasons. He said "Yes" because I wasn't using the chemical (the Pill) for birth control purposes but rather was to aid in my healing or help me medically. Now over 9 years ago I made a conscience decision to quit taking birth control pills when I got married in order to avoid the possibility that the pill would become an abortifacient.

    "Green" people are such hypocrites.

  5. it is so nice to "meet" another catholic on line..hello! I love catholic is my backround while I am doing morning chores..and Humanae Vitae literally changed my husbands life!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Those birds on your daughter are really a neat picture!!