Friday, January 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I decided to jump on the "7 Quick Takes Friday" band wagon. To learn more about that, go check out Conversion Diary. But first, here are my 7.


The twins and I are getting back into the homeschooling mode. While we were taking a break, they actually said they missed school work. Shockingly, they seem to have forgotten they made that declaration.


We've taken some hikes in the open space behind our house. I'm a bit out of shape after all of those Christmas cookies, so they (especially Daphne) can outrun me up hills.
Fiona and Daphne


My computer spontaneously shuts down lately. Dear husband thinks it could be that the fan's not running and making it over heat. So, instead of getting that problem fixed up, I installed new software that goes with my new external disc drive AND Windows Movie Maker, so I can edit home movies.
my computer


The girls and I began reading The First Christians: The Acts of the Apostles for Children, by Marigold Hunt. It makes Acts very accessible to kids. Hunt has been to some of the places and interjects her observations about them today. This is the same author who wrote Saint Patrick's Summer, which we


The twins have learned to play "Hedwig's Theme" on the piano. They want to play it for one of their big sisters on her birthday Sunday. This is the song you hear throughout the Harry Potter films. Did you know that Saint Hedwig is the patron of orphans? Yep!


I'm nearly done writing my work in progress, Twelve Keys. But I've begun revising AGAIN and haven't taken time to finish those last three chapters. Well, they aren't actually the last chapters. I've written those. The unfinished ones are near the end, though. Here's my elevator pitch for Twelve Keys:

When magical forces blend modern times with the old west, forming a barren quake ridden steampunk landscape, a teenage girl teams up with a cowboy and a unicorn to piece together a mysterious pocket watch with the power to repair the space time continuum.
The pocket watch my parents gave me for Christmas


My friend/homeschooling mom pal/writing buddy, Kara, got her short story, "In the Eye of the Beholder," published in Cover of Darkness. This is a super cool story. She's got all the information for you at her blog, A Karabu Creation.

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