Monday, February 13, 2012

Online Catholic Writers Conference- Or, take writing classes in your pajamas!

The online (and free) Catholic Writers Conference is on March 17-31, 2012. Sign up soon!
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It has a new format this year. They'll do forums one week and chats the next week. Yay. It was tough in years past to fully participate in it all AND get dinner on the table, homeschool the kids, and make sure the laundry pile didn't get out of hand.

In the forums you get like message-board type workshops. Your writing gets critiqued and you learn tons of writerly stuff.

In chats, you also learn tons about writing, the writing business, etc. but it's live in a chat room. The guests are amazing! Last year I was a moderator and that was loads of fun and not hard at all. This year, my computer is not completely reliable, so I'm not sure I'll be able to help. So, that means you should help! lol

They also have pitch session where you talk (type) one on one with a publisher to try to get them to like the book you wrote (novel, non-fiction, etc.) The nice thing abou that is it's great practice, they won't see you wee your pants (Just kidding. I didn't do that. Really!), and they might even ask you to send your MS and maybe, just maybe, you've sold your book! (Alas, I did not.)

Okay, I hope to see you there. Well, virtually, of course. :)

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