Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Gifts with Meaning

You too can do your Easter shopping from the comfort of your own cozy bed. Oh wait, my title sounded better than my first line-- like maybe I had a lofty plan. Then I blew it by sounded like I was lazy. Oh well, we're all a little of both.

My twins (nearly 11) wear the cool Catholic t-shirts we bought them from RomanticCatholic all the time, so back there I went, and sure enough, I had trouble settling on just two.

A note on size- the shirts pictured below are size small and I've never dried them. My girls usually wear about a girl's size 10 and they're a tiny bit big on them, but not much.
Fiona in her Romantic Catholic shirt
Daphne in her Romantic Catholic shirt

Then, off to find some books!

Last year, we got the Ignatius Bible for the whole family. This is the Revised Standard Version and is available through Catholic.com. This year I thought the girls might enjoy The Action Bible, because they're interested in graphic novels. (Fine! I'll admit it. So am I.) I know it's not the go-to Bible for scripture for serious study, but it has its place, and I've heard good things about it. I'll review after we receive it, so watch this space.

The Vision book series (for ages 9-15) about saints are well written and there are many to choose from.  Whether your child wants to learn about Kateri Tekakwitha, the Indian woman who devoted her life to God, or about the priest who out-talked the devil in The Cure' of Ars, there's bound to be a book to spark their interest!

And I suppose we'll have candy too. What's Easter without marshmallow peeps?


  1. I love the Vision books! I have read several of the 'originals' and I'm so happy they are coming out with more!

  2. Oh yes, they are wonderful!
    And thanks for dropping by my blog! :)