Monday, March 19, 2012

Lent Poetry

I wrote a poem for Nissa's Christian Lent poetry contest. Go here for more on that good thing!
We're also supposed to write about God in our lives. Well, I'm a Catholic, though I spent a good many years of my life trying to ignore God. But now that I'm back practicing the faith, I feel happier and way more blessed than "doing my own thing," and you know what? I actually feel more myself. Ironic, isn't it? I think it's because He loves me more than anybody else in the universe, so I feel free to be me.

Anyway, here's my Lent poem. Below that, is the poem my daughter, Daphne, wrote.
Veronica Wiping the Face of Jesus

A Lent Sonnet
Amanda Borenstadt

I hold my torn heart, its blood spilt o'er night,
Wretched; blurred vision, slipping sorrow;
A pace away, his eyes meet mine, a knight;
But will he still be there in the morrow?

My heart says, "Yes," though she understands naught,
That perfect, gentle knight lingers back, and
He shows me scenes; are they battles he's fought?
His lash-ripped flesh, wounds through each foot and hand;

By his bloody brow, his poor pierced side,
My own limp, ragged heart seems such small pains;
Wrapping his cloak 'round himself, he smiles wide;
My soul's afire, heart stirs, my sorrow wanes;

Like Veronica, knight's lady, I wipe his brow;
In return, he holds my mended heart now.
Sir Gawain's story is one of my favorites!

Lent Poem
By Daphne (age 10)

Lent, Lent, o glorious Lent,
So purple, so violet, so much love of God on high;
It's the best,
Lent o Lent.

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