Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Atheists Judge You

When I was pregnant with my first child I was young, unmarried, and because I was so liberal, rather proud of myself. I had a feeling she would be a boy. Yes, she. I was totally wrong. But at the time, I was convinced she was a boy. I was in college at the time--literature major--and many of the professors were man-hating Christian-hating, loaded with "white guilt," liberals. My history professor was one of the worst. "White, Christian males are bad. They're responsible for all of the ills of the world." When you're hormonal, thinking you're carrying a white male in your belly, this is hard to take. My unborn baby had already been judged unfit. Maybe it was all of the tears I'd shed after that class, but the liberal scales started to fall from my eyes. These people who always said Christians were judgmental, well, weren't they being judgmental themselves?

In my experience, atheists verbally attack Christians, not for behaving as Christians, oddly enough, but for behaving as atheists. With the rise of the internet, they have a whole new arena in which to work.

Obviously I'm not talking all atheists. The majority don't bring up matters of faith, or when they do pop up, they're respectful, open minded, and judge people as individuals rather than preconceived stereotypes. Sadly, the atheist "haters"(people who comment on blogs, on YouTube, at a party, etc. for the sole purpose of saying hateful things), are so much more in-your-face than your average atheist that you must remind yourself that the average atheist is in fact, behaving quite like a Christian. In this post, I'm not talking about those atheists.

So, what are things atheists criticize? Typically, not praying, though they do scoff at our faith, as if they didn't have faith in anything unproven. They conveniently forget that Darwinian evolution is only a theory. (BTW, Catholics are free to believe in evolution. See below)*

They criticize us for behaving as atheists. They latch onto the stereotype of a judgmental, self-righteous, hateful person with no room in his/her heart for love. They assume our faith is without reason and that we haven't thought it through. And they accuse us of being robots with no mind of our own. Essentially, Hate-filled robots. That would make a catchy band name.

Maybe there are mean Christians, but I daresay they are Christian only in name. A person with genuine faith in Christ tries to put their whole life into living with His values: love, humility, generosity, stewardship over the earth, self-sacrifice. Yes, sometimes we fail. We get grumpy and snap at somebody. We give in to selfishness. We're not perfect. But it's not because of our religion that we behave badly, as the atheist believes-- without proof ;-)  but when we go against our religious principles.

The atheist view is that we're all just jumbles of cells formed into animals by chance. The species popped up and thrived because some individuals happened to be more fit than others. And we have no souls.

 Why do "hater" atheists not simply shrug when they see a Christian behaving as if we're all animals and that survival of the fittest is the rule of the day? Shouldn't they be happy to see somebody living those values? No. Because deep down, they know we were made for more. They recognize evil and good in spite of their disbelief in God. They know in their hearts there in a standard for GOOD that human society didn't invent. It's without scientific explanation. It doesn't match their proposed worldview. But they cannot ignore the inner sense of right and wrong put into them by The Creator.

But why do they attack random Christians with false judgments? Christians who may be good people? Why not get to know somebody before seeing them only as a stereotype? Maybe some atheists were hurt by a bad Christian. And we all know if you're harmed, by all means, hate everyone from that religion, ethnic group, or gender for the rest of your life and teach that hatred to your children and students so they can pass it on to theirs. :p

As for Christianity being without reason. Well, can't know that without investigation. Some Christians simply know it's true, but can't tell you why. Many of these are beautifully close to our Lord and very good people in the best sense of the word good. Others have examined and studied their faith and have figured out there is very good reason for it. I'll go into that on another post. This one has grown longer than I usually like.

But if you do want proofs of God's existence, please see Peter Kreeft's website.

*God created all things. He is the prime mover. If he wants to create a new species out of a preexisting one, He can. And worlds better than we can, I gather from the evidence. We've bred flies like you wouldn't believe and all the scientists could see were more flies. We've bred dogs. We get quite a variety from mastiffs and cockapoos, but they never evolve into anything but dogs. If evolution created species, then it wasn't by chance.


  1. Excellent post, Amanda! The few atheists that I've come into contact with were judgmental and didn't respect the fact that I believe in God. I'm sure all atheists aren't like this but it seems like more and more are judgmental and disrespectful these days. But that may be only what I have noticed on the internet.

    1. Bitch, I'm an atheist, and we only judge you people for judging us, we have no problems with the fact that religion caused most wars, burned people for no reason, or just made immense prosecutions throughout history.

      Now, you guys insult us first, we just retaliate.
      Also, come on, you have to admit you have no other explanation than "faith" to back up you're belief, while we have science and PROOF baking us.
      I am sorry you guys feel bad because of us, but if you read the bible with an open mind you'll see why we think you're basically: stupid.

    2. Btw: we generally are not afraid of discussing these matters in person, it's just via internet we have more viewership :)

    3. Not afraid? And you post anonymously. :)
      And name calling too. You are giving atheists a bad name. I would argue your points but I think you are not interesting in discussion.

      But I thank you for illustrating my point. You are behaving like the stereotypical internet "hater". I mean, you do realize that, don't you? Nevertheless, my prayers are with you. I have a family member who sounds much like you, only she has the bravery to sign her name to her writing.

  2. Thanks Teresa. :)

    I think on the internet, people feel they can type whatever they want because it's not face to face. Even one atheist family member of mine is much ruder on the internet toward me than she ever is in person, posting on facebook about how stupid my beliefs are. So, it's no wonder strangers are even worse.

  3. I found this post in Elena-Maria's blog. Thanks I will lonk to you via her.

  4. Ah yes, being a 'white' Catholic man in college was fun. At least I was an Engineering major so I avoided the worst of it, but by no means all.

    The internet seems to lend a shield of anonymity that emboldens people to say things they never would in person. Or at the very least, they aren't worried about a fist shooting out of their screen to knock some sense into them.

  5. Oh, Baron, I'm so sorry you were subjected to the liberal man hater stuff in college. Even a little is too much.

    I love the image of the fist shooting out of the computer screen! LOL

    1. It sharpened my sense of the absurd. If they aren't careful with the man hating stuff, it can actually sound like a campaign for 'white' male supremacy. Apparently, white* Christian** men^ were able to subjugate pretty much the whole world are various points despite lacking any sort of moral, scientific, or artistic merit on their own. Pretty impressive if you as me.

      (*White may or may not include Italians, Spaniards, Poles, Russians, Irish, Austro-Hungarians, et al. depending on point being made.)
      (**Christian may or may not include Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox depending on point being made.)
      (^Men, no getting out of that one.)