Sunday, June 3, 2012

Truth and Love vs. the New Age Mentality

Ouija boards, tarot cards, neo-paganism, new age beliefs (such as the power of attraction): If you've ever gotten into any of that or know someone who has, read on.


I've mentioned before on this blog about my falling away from the Catholic Church, my stint as a pagan, and my coming home to the Church. Because of my past, I was excited to attend a breakfast talk featuring Sharon Lee Giganti. Perhaps you've heard her on Catholic radio or have visited her website New Age Deception .

She had fallen away from the Church after 8th grade, and got into listening to "channeled spirits" and "A Course in Miracles." But, by the grace of God, she was moved leave that behind and embraced Jesus and truth.


After we at the talk enjoyed food, music, and prayer, she told her story. I'd heard bits of it on the radio, but never the entire thing. Many of us, including Sharon herself, were brought to tears. The devastation wrought by her former belief system was horrific. We're talking multiple deaths.These were caused by her involvement with and her teaching of the new age philosophy. Read a bit about it on her website "about Sharon" page.

She explained how this philosophy is harmful. You can't just shrug and say, "It's true for some people." It's a dangerous lie. And being that the information and philosophy come from so-called channeled spirits, I think it comes from demonic influences.

The new age "Law of Attraction" says: "'Like attracts like,' and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results" (as quoted from Wikipedia.) Which would mean, if it were true, that bad things happen to those with a bad attitude, and good things happen to those with a positive attitude. Teachers of this thought actually say such things as the Holocaust occurred because the victims held negative thoughts. They also say that you should ignore anything that doesn't please you or that causes you to hold negative thoughts. Tell that to somebody who has suffered loss, pain, or depression, and you'll see how devastating that belief is. (Actually, don't tell them that. It would be very damaging.)

As Sharon said, in the talk, "If what you're believing is a lie, it can be deadly." She found that this particular lie caused her to lose her humanity, her empathy.

I believe this, not only from her testimony, but from what I've observed in people in my own life who've embraced new age philosophy. They tend not to feel badly for people with problems and tragedy. They'll tell you, "That's just their path." Or instead of sending aid to starving people in catastrophe torn regions, they'll say "Just hold good thoughts about them. That's all they need." They will tell you that they know a fetus is a human infant but that it's fine to kill it "if you feel that's the right decision for you and your family." These are all examples that I've been told by people close to me--people who subscribe to this new age philosophy. It chills me to recount the phrases as it chilled me to hear them spoken.


Sharon's life was filled by devastation because of this philosophy, but her life is also a story of hope. She came out of this and embraced the mercy of God. She grew to become a Christian. In her search for a church that held true to Jesus' teaching, she wished for one led by an Apostle. Somebody who still had sand between his toes from walking with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee. Her friend told her, that's the Catholic Church. As Sharon Lee puts it, it's the church with the sandy toes! (I loved that image.)

That's Sharon Lee Giganti at the podium
And it's true. We have Apostolic succession right down from the beginning. The truth has been guarded by the Holy Spirit Himself.

The fact is, the new age teachers will have you believe that there is no God, only energy in the universe you can tap into in order to get whatever you desire. The truth is, God is a unique being, all powerful creator, who loves you!

Here's a link to the Vatican document Jesus Christ The Bearer of The Water of Life: A Christian Reflection of The "New Age". There you can read the Church's opinion on new age practices and beliefs. And Answers where you can listen to Sharon Lee Giganti podcasted and read articles about new age issues.

This is the Lord God who Loves You! I got the image here.