Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbow Lily a Beautiful Symbol

What does a rainbow symbolize? When I was growing up, it symbolized God's promise to never flood the world again. Remember Genesis? The world was so full of sin, God wanted to wash away everyone. He spared Noah and his family and taught him how to build a huge ark, so they'd be safe until the floods went down, and also so that little children would one day have toy boats with pairs of animals to play with.

Noah's Ark

Where was I? Oh yes, the rainbow. It symbolizes a promise. I've no idea why it became a symbol of homosexual pride. Anyway, Nissa Annakindt (writer, blogger, expert on Korean soap operas) has created a new symbol. It celebrates people with same sex attraction (aka, gay people) who commit to living a chaste, pure, celibate life. It's a beautiful rainbow lily! Rainbow for the same sex attraction thing and a God's promise thing and a lily for purity. Brilliant!

Check out Nissa's blog The Lina Lamont Fan Club. She blogs about Doctor Who, the Catholic Church, same sex attraction, writing, and werewolves, among other things.

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