Monday, August 27, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock and The Seal of the Confessional

Want to be captivated by an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, with all of that uniquely Hitchcockian (is that a word?) cinematography and suspense, but you also want to spend time on spiritual contemplation? Have I got a movie for you!

I Confess is a 1953 Hitchcock film about a priest who hears the confession of a murderer and winds up the leading suspect of that same murder. He must choose between keeping the seal of the confessional or exposing what he knows to save himself from prosecution. Hint: You'll be proud of his choice.

Montgomery Cliff stars as Father Michael Logan. Many of you won't recognize his name unless your parents or grandparents familiarized you with old movies. But let's just say he's young and quite handsome in this. It's no surprise that the good priest's old sweetheart (from before he even thought about the priesthood) turns up to complicate matters. Fortunately his stalwart morality shines, at least to us the viewers. The opinions of the police and general public within the story are a different matter.

It's beautiful to see a priest depicted with such wonderful Catholic devotion to what is right, given this modern world we live in where it's popular to demonize every priest and the Church in general.

You can get IConfess on Amazon or do what I did and get it from Netflix.

Read more about the seal of the confessional at CatholicAnswers and at Catholic Encyclopedia. Also, you can listen about the subject in this Catholic Answers podcast.

BTW in case you didn't know, a priest cannot reveal to others what you say in Reconciliation no matter what. He can't even bring it up to you outside of the confessional unless you bring it up first.

You can also read about I Confess at Decent Films.

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