Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vaccines Created from Fetal Cell Lines

lifesize- 8 weeks

Whenever I've told people that vaccines are often derived from aborted fetus cell lines, a look of shock appears on their faces. Even my pediatrician had no idea what I was talking about when I asked if some particular vaccines ware derived from fetal cells. Together we looked at the package inserts and read that one was indeed fetal derived while another was from chicken embryo.

Who were these fetuses were deliberately aborted and then used as lab rats?

Well one was a baby girl who was aborted because her family though they had too many children. She has no proper name. Her cell line is called WI-38.

Another cell line came from a baby boy, aborted at 14 weeks by his 27 year-old mother. His cell line is called MRC-5. Keep these two innocents in mind while you look at the chart at theChildren of God for Life (COG for Life) website. This chart tells you which vaccines used human fetal cell lines and which did not. Sometimes there's a moral alternative vaccine and other times there isn't.

Can a pro-life person morally chose to use vaccines derived from aborted children? To help decide, take a look at the Vatican's statement on aborted fetal vaccines.

It addresses issues about doing abortions, manufacturing the vaccines, etc. But my main concern today is this; as a parent, can I have my children vaccinated with such vaccines? Am I cooperating with evil if I do so?

The Vatican document says this would be "very remote mediate material cooperation." It goes on to say, basically that it's a matter of weighing the alternatives. Is there an alternative vaccine available? If I don't use the vaccine am I putting my child or society at risk? Also, we have a moral obligation to voice our objections to the fetal derived vaccines.



  1. I hope science does not go beyond the limits. As much as it progresses, let us pray that values are not taken for granted.

  2. The other problem is that these vaccines contain residual human DNA and as biology shows us, human DNA crosses human DNA. So what affect might this have on your child/ren? Here's a couple of articles to read for more info:

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