Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I got an idea from author Holly Michael. She posted her strange terms people searched for to find her blog. Check out Holly's post here.

My list isn't as entertaining as Holly's, but here are the top ten most used search terms people have used to find my blog:

10) baby at 10 weeks gestation

 9) 12 weeks gestation

 8) baby 10 weeks

7) first communion gift ideas

6) 10 weeks gestation

5) graduation cap

4) baby at 10 weeks

3) catholic saints

2) 10 weeks

And (drum roll please) number one is...

1) rosary

What does that say about my blog posts? I suppose that I often write about unborn babies. Though I love discussing babies, that wasn't the original intent of this blog. I hope to go back to focusing on coming home to the Catholic Church, her teachings, and how to cope when you're Catholic but you have family members who either aren't or are not practicing the faith.

And music. I love blogging about music. Which reminds me, if you haven't checked out I hope you will. There, you can hear Praising Him Loudly I, a Catholic Metal compilation. They're working on Praising Him Loudly II. I look forward to hearing that.

I'll continue writing about unborn baby issues and politics at Inglorious Ranterz where I've been invited to be a blogging team member. (Yay, I feel so wanted.) I hope you'll check out that blog.

Have a super blessed New Year!