Friday, February 8, 2013


Michelangelo "Crucifix"
Whether it's been a month, a year, or a decade since your last confession, it's probably time to go again. I remember when I returned to the Catholic Church, after having been away for years, I had a lot to confess. It was scary and I was embarrassed, but it felt like a huge weight was taken off me and replaced by such love and forgiveness, I cried.
I found a couple of resources for you to help you make a good examination of conscience. That means to examine your past behaviors and figure out where the sins are hiding, like old dust bunnies wedged in the cracks of your soul.

This Examination of Conscience, from EWTN, focuses on Faith, Hope, and Love.
This one from the Fatima Network focuses on the ten commandments. It also has other goodies such as a prayer before confession.

If you are currently engaging in an ongoing sin, such as having sexual relations with someone other than your spouse, or your marriage isn't valid (maybe because one of you is divorced) then you won't be able to receive absolution or receive Communion. You may want to check out the Pope's (when he was Cardinal Ratzinger) work "Worthiness to Receive Communion."  But do make an appointment to talk to a priest. He can counsel you, talk about annulling a past marriage, etc. While you're there, ask him to bless your Rosary. Then use that Rosary!

To learn more about annulments, check out the little booklet by Jimmy Akin "Annulments: What You Need to Know."

If you're use a Rosary app, such as iRosary, should you ask the priest to bless your iPad?  Hm... I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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