Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get Fit, Spiritually and Physically

I've been trying to get fit, both health wise and spiritually. It occurred to me that one can take the same approach to both goals. Let me explain what I mean.

The Nutrition Diva, on her podcast, gave one tip that basically said to imagine the fit and healthy person you'd like to be. Ask yourself what food and exercises choices she would make, and do those. This way you're making lifestyle changes, not crash dieting. So, you can ask yourself each day, what would a good and holy person do regarding prayer, Mass attendance, Reconciliation, TV viewing, annoying family members, etc.? 

I think concrete goals are more helpful than vague resolutions. "Praying more" or "exercising more" aren't as measurable as "pray the Rosary every Friday" and "go to the gym every Saturday." You can start modest, then add something new at the first of every month.

The Nutrition Diva says that where you're heading is more important than where you are. Good advice for not growing discouraged. My mom always gave us this advice growing up; "You can only get there from here."

You can hear Nutrition Diva at her site:

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