Saturday, February 16, 2013

Newest Catholic Metal Compilation

I'm thrilled to tell you about the newest Catholic Metal compilation Praising Him Loudly: Volume2! It contains 17 songs from several Catholic Metal bands.

Catholic heavy metal music? How can that be? Well, I'll tell you. It's music that celebrates Jesus, his holy mother Mary, the Sacraments, and the faith and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. Oh yeah, and the music happens to be metal.

As I listen to these songs I am struck by the variety of musical expression. Within the umbrella term "metal" are subgenres such as "industrial" and "thrash." I'm not an expert on the finer points of metal music, but I'll tell you something, every song in this compilation has energy and emotion. It's as if each one is a prayer cried out from the very hearts of the musicians.

Head over to and give Praising HimLoudly:Vol.2 a listen. While you're there, check out Praising HimLoudly: Volume 1 and Via Crucis: The Way of the Cross, which is great for a very fervent Stations of the Cross meditation- perfect for Lent!

For that matter, all of these collections are wonderful for Lent, especially if, like me, you want to narrow your music listening down to only Christian music for Lent. That's all I have on my mp3 player right now, and 95% of it is Catholic metal. :)

Amazing Artwork for Praising Him Loudly vol 2


  1. Amanda, thank you for bringing attention to new voices in catholic rock. We are Streets Of Rome , a new catholic singer songwriter rock band from Somoma County , California. Some of our songs and lyrics are now online at

  2. Amanda - thanks for bringing attention with your blog to new voices in Catholic rock. Streets of Rome is a Catholic singer-songwriter rock band from Sonoma County, California.
    We have songs and lyrics posted at

  3. Thanks Edward. :)
    Very cool! I can't wait to check them out!