Friday, February 22, 2013

Saint Faustina and Jesus, Our Ocean of Mercy

Right after I bought SaintFaustina's diary, somehow, I couldn't get into it. But upon picking it up again, a couple days ago, I began enjoying it right away.
Saint Faustina slips seamlessly from prayer to narration about events in her life and back again to prayer. It's a meditative read. When I first began, I was in a more informational mindset, like how I'd be if I were reading a history book. Her diary is something else. It's really a story of a saint and her deep relationship with Christ.

Here's one of the many beautiful passages from Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of SaintMaria Faustina Kowalska.

O Jesus, eternal Truth, strengthen my feeble forces; You can do all things, Lord. I know that without You all my efforts are in vain. O Jesus, do not hide from me, for I cannot live without You. Listen to the cry of my soul. Your mercy has not been exhausted, Lord, so have pity on my misery. Your mercy surpasses the understanding of all Angels and people put together; and so, although it seems to me that You do not hear me, I put my trust in the ocean of Your mercy, and I know that my hope will not be deceived.

Whenever I read this passage, the song "An Ocean of Mercy" by the Catholic rock band The Thirsting runs through me head.

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