Saturday, March 2, 2013

Planet of Snail Review

"Planet of Snail" is one of the most compelling films my daughters and I have seen in a long time. I heard Steven Greydanus (from Decent Films) discuss it on Catholic Answers Live and it intrigued me so much, I put it on my Netflix queue right away.

"Planet of Snail" is a documentary about a Christian Korean couple. Each has a handicap. Young-Chan, a poet, is blind and deaf. His wife, Soon-Ho has dwarfism, due to a spinal condition. They help each other constantly, both in practical matters (such as changing a light bulb) and emotionally.

It's a quiet, subtle film. I expected my twin daughters (age 11) to lose patience with the slow pace, but they were as riveted as I was. We three agree that the movie is a beautiful example of a deeply loving marriage.

It's not rated, but I feel it's suitable for all ages. There's nothing sexual or violent. There was a bit of potty humor when they showed Young-Chan's little clay sculpture of a guy peeing, but it's not a graphic sculpture. My girls said, "Eww!" but I'm sure if one of my nephews had been there, they'd be laughing.

Because of his blind-deafness, and also probably because of his poetic disposition, Young-Chan approaches the world in a very sensual way. Don't confuse what I'm saying with anything creepy. It's very beautiful and pure. I'll give the most extreme example of this. In the park, he was touching a tree and even hugging it. His fingers trailing over the trunk made it seem as if he were reading its braille-like bark. It was rather lovely, though his wife was a bit embarrassed.

I cannot recommend this film enough. I also want to tell you about an app that compliments it. I put it on my iPad, but I think it would work on other touch screen devices. It lets you play around with the braille-like finger language of blind-deaf people. It's different than the finger spelling you might have seen/read in the Helen Keller book/movie. It almost looks as if they're typing on each other's fingers. Anyway, the app is called Love is Touch. Here's the link:  Interestingly, when I go there on my computer, I get inforation about the film as well as the app, but when I go there on my iPad, I see just the app. Anyway, it's worth checking out.

Here's the Planet of Snail trailer:


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