Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Are We Made For?

Think on the Passion of Jesus. The Lord not only came in the flesh to teach us, but laid down his life for us. After he was unjustly condemned, he was beaten, crowned with sharp thorns that tore into his scalp, stripped of his clothing, paraded down the street carrying his own instrument of execution, before having nails pounded through his hands and feet to pin him to a cross. Think about it, the hands that cured people, both physically and spiritually. And His feet, the feet that carried Him as he taught and healed people.

Speaking of feet, think about the night before he died. He knew what was going to happen--how he'd suffer. Did he take the night off? Take some "me time"? No. He washed people's feet. Don't think of your pedicurist or massage therapist whom you tip, I hope. ;)  This was a job for servants or slaves because feet got super dirty back then.
At Holy Thursday Mass, they displayed a picture of this scene. I was struck, really struck, for the first time, by the real meaning of this act. Jesus as servant. The Lord God acting as a servant to humans. It's like the love and service of a parent to a child, but more so.

We are to imitate Christ. Be servants to one another. That's what we are made for.

Many people say, "I just want to be happy" or "I just want my children to be happy." It makes me wonder--"Happy in this world or in Heaven?"
Giotto di Bondone- "Cappella Scrovegni a Padova"

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  1. Right you are. We should seek out and practice saying and doing what will make *God* happy.